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Krypton's first product: Krypton is an app that turns your mobile phone into a U2F authenticator providing unphishable, zero-touch logins without any separate hardware.

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N.L.P on Encrypted Patient Data

M.Eng Thesis at MIT, advised by Prof. Shafi Goldwasser. Design and software implementation of a cryptographic scheme for locating keywords, matching approximate regular expressions, and computing frequency analysis all on encrypted patient data.

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Sift iOS

Sift for iOS is an open source app that shows you what every other app on your phone is really doing. Uncover network traffic in real-time for every app on your phone. Create rules to block sites like ads and tracking pages.

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Chasm is a fault-tolerant, information-theoretic secure multi-cloud backup tool built on Shamir's Secret Sharing in go-lang.

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Zero Authorization Identity Proofs of Social Accounts for Mobile Apps



Share a phone screen to nearby devices via Bluetooth and WiFi. Every zoom or scroll is echoed to nearby devices.

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Real-time Transportation Apps

Transportation apps developed for the Boston area. Track buses and trains in real-time.